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Krause Family Real Estate – New Website
We are excited to have launched a brand-new website for the Krause Morris.  The old website was located on a 3rd party server who charged a monthly fee to host and display CREA and MLS listings. The website was a template and didn’t allow for much design and change and was very outdated.

Here are some of the new features and integrations.

  • New look and feel of the site – clean, simple, concise –  without a lot of distractions
  • Beautiful pictures on the front page with sliders and listing carrousels
  • New Logo and colours
  • Listings that are downloaded from CREA to the server making SEO much more effective in the long run + Stats
  • New listings that have bigger pictures, more information, favourites, social media sharing and contact directly on the page
  • Contact pages, Mortgage Calculator and Land Transfer Tax Calculator, Join the mailing list.

Looking forward to seeing the Krause Morris success online !

Maxx Scholz
Scholz Mobility Inc


Posted on

October 24, 2016

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