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Helping your business grow “organically” 

Mobile Encryption

The ultamite security for your mobile device. Secure OS, Secure Chat, Secure Email.


We are a boutique design firm working closely with our customers to get them noticed on the world wide web. 


Clean the winter out of your car without leaving home! The Scholz Network is excited to have Rauto Detailing join our ad lineup! Located in Georgetown, local pick-up/drop off and exceptional service!  

RJ’S Muffler Shop

The Scholz network would like to welcome RJ'S to our ad line up and charge station location. We strive to shop local/support local and what better way to do so than through a local community network ... The Scholz Network. Welcome!      Visit RJ's FB page:   RJ'S...

Scholz Mobility is Growing!

Scholz Mobility would like to welcome our newest team member - Angie Kotsos.  Angie will be the Business Development Manager for our Maxx Charge brand and will be the new face for all our partnership programs, while managing existing accounts and growing our...

Wireless Retail Channel

We have over 400 retail locations within Canada/USA. Our customers consist of big box retailers, electronic chains and smaller cell phone repair stores. We have private online shopping cart that works only with our resellers. They can order 24/7.

Growing "Organically"

We help our customers grow “Organically” by showing them ways to succeed online and through digital media. Small things done correctly make a huge impact on effectiveness and marketing your business. There are no magic tricks and we take the time to explain our process in every detail allowing our customers to be in control of their online properties. 

TV & Charge Network

The Scholz Network currently runs 7 TV screens and 10 Charging locations within Halton Hills. Being a part of our community and helping others grow is an important part of our companies direction.