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Youth Week: Youth Recognition Awards & Art Competition

Check-out new and exciting programs/events for youth during International Youth Week right here in our own community! Here's what they have to say: Every year from May 1-7, we recognize and celebrate the youth in our community for all of their dedication and hard work...

Our Charge Network has Expanded!

Our charge network has expanded to Uncorked on Main, Georgetown. We are excited to offer the largest charging station in our fleet, “The Charge Locker.”  Our charge locker boasts 6 bays and is located near the patio and washrooms near the back of Uncorked. Customers...

March Break at Georgetown Marketplace

March Break is quickly approaching and lots of events are taking place at the Georgetown Marketplace.  Bring your kids by and get in on the...

Wireless Retail Channel

We have over 400 retail locations within Canada/USA. Our customers consist of big box retailers, electronic chains and smaller cell phone repair stores. We have private online shopping cart that works only with our resellers. They can order 24/7.

Representing Our Clients

We help manage all key aspects of your retail distribution environment including handling of containers, shipping, marketing, brand awareness, training and online ordering.

TV & Charge Network

The Scholz Network currently runs 7 TV screens and 10 Charging locations within Halton Hills. Being a part of our community and helping others grow is an important part of our companies direction.