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MAXXCHARGE takes its charging franchise north of Toronto to Collingwood Ontario into Side Launch Brewery. 

Dave Sands, VP of Operations, and President Chris Jordan, have always been forward thinkers in their markets and have now joined forces with MAXXCHARGE to provide their customers peace of mind in keeping their cell phones charged.  “Our name, Side Launch Brewing Company, celebrates the deep-rooted history of shipbuilding that has fuelled our town since the late 1880s.”

Maxx, from MAXXCHARGE says “As the mobility industry grows, customers are expecting to stay connected 24/7, its important to realize the potential in cell phone charging. Its a pleasure to work with local businesses in the Collingwood area and we look forward to spreading “Connect and Charge ” throughout Canada. Our investment is in the future of technology and our partners and customers come first.”  We are excited to share in the deep rooted history that Side Launch’s motto pay’s homage to, “celebrating the shipbuilders who diligently built an industry, forged an international reputation, and helped put our beautiful town of Collingwood on the map.”

MAXXCHARGE is looking for partners across Canada, who can see the same visions and goals. You can apply to become a franchise in your own hometown area on our websiteCLICK HERE for full details.

Scholz Mobility Inc

Scholz is a forward thinking company who specializes in technology trends. Currently, the 3 categories that Scholz specializes in are: [Secure Group] selling encrypted mobile devices world wide. [Web Design] Maxx helps businesses adapt to the World Wide Web with Web Design, Email integrations using G-Suite from Google, [Maxx Charge] a franchise opportunity providing charging of cell phones and marketing to local business throughout Canada.