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I’ve been working from home in and out for about 20 years. From my own companies to working a corporate sales job, working from home has some really great advantages to work life balance. Doing the right things is hard and keeping focused can sometimes be challenging. Or on the flip side working too many hours and never getting away from work , can lead to stress and an unhappy home very quickly. Routine is very important, and taking time for your family and yourself are key to getting away from the work stress. Remember: You are no good to anyone if you aren’t putting in a good days work.
I’m lucky now that I have my own office, and can separate my work / home balance but it wasn’t always like this.

I found an article that you all might like on one of the CRM systems we use called HubSpot.

I hope it helps and gets you into your own “routine” ………..

Maxx Scholz