It was an exciting day on Sept 29th , 2022 on getting our keys to the new chalet. Thank you to our local realtor @dougBeaumont he did an amazing job in getting everything completed TOP NOTCH ! I arrived on Thursday at around 4pm , and had a trailer + truck full of equipment and items from our Camper. Ashley and the kids arrived on Friday after school , and Grandparents came for a visit that weekend. It was surreal and we could have been more happy to have such nice weather. The camp fire was started immediately and we got right to work settling in. Monday was a big day as I stayed back to help with construction. We are finishing the basement and building a full bathroom #3. When Dean arrived at 8am we got right to work, and put in a full 5 days / 8 hours per day to get the job done. There are few small odds and ends , as well as we carved out the washroom so we could finish that at a later date. Dean did all of the hard work, I did the wiring, pot lights and made lunch each day.Thanks @dean for your help. My Dad came by most days to help clean up the trees we cut down, it was a full week of burning and removing brush. The fire didn’t stop for a full 9 days LOL. The week was very magical in the evenings , golf cart rides and fun dinners. Who would have thought retirement looks like this ? Nah i’m not retired ….. maybe one day. Maxx and Ashley Scholz