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  • Secure Group is a company developing encrypted communications for mobile devices. It was established in Montréal, Canada, and its operations sprawl over three continents. The company’s flagship products – Secure Phone, Secure BlackBerry and Secure Pack – employ the highest end-to-end encryption protocols. No backdoors, no data leaks, no compromised information.
  • Our Distributor Program is tailored to meet different business needs. Secure Group’s solutions help small and medium-sized businesses grow and increase their profits while maintaining a high level of security.
  • Joining the partnership program gives you the unique opportunity to become part of the booming mobile security market and expand your business by adding our fleet of premium products to your portfolio.

A 3-tier Distributor Program, there’s something for everyone.

Download the Distributor Partnership Details and find out how our Silver, Gold, and Platinum plans can meet your business needs, and help you gain the upper hand on the mobile security market.


  • How to become a Secure Group distributor
  • What suits you best – Silver, Gold, or Platinum
  • Secure Group Certification Program
  • How to effectively sell our solutions
  • How to skyrocket your business with Secure Group
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