Is the most secure up to date OS on the market. We are always adding new features and take privacy to the next level “De-Googled”

Peer to Peer Messaging

No need to worry about servers the messages are sent from Device to Device and create new keys each message.

Maintenance & Updates

We update the OS and the CryptoChat & Vault automaticaly each month as required. 


-Completely Unmanaged 
-Secure CopperheadOS on Android 12+

-Peer to Peer & PGP Messaging
-Push to Talk + Vault

-Custom Integrations
-Built in Firewall
-Easy to use online flasher
-Online Portal

-Customer Manages the Permissions
-Custom App Store

Activation Directions


1.Pixels Supported on CopperheadOS :
2. Begin to flash your Pixel with CopperheadOS by going here : (Password is from your account manager)
3.Log onto our Secure Manager  (You must have an account)
4. Select (CryptoPixel + SIM) – Select the term 3, 6, 12 Months.
5. Create username , select domain and create password (make sure customer changes on the device after activation)
6. Select (Blank Sim) enter your sim # Purchase product and check out – Payment. (if you are doing multiple orders continue shopping)
7. Once purchased you will receive a QR code from your account manager.
8. Connect using WIFI – MANDATORY
8. Start up Device –  Use the QR code and activate your device. Save the Identifier of the code on a spreadsheet along with Email that you created for future.
10. Device will launch and lock down with Crypto Pixel applications 
11. Log into the Chat app using full email and password that you created.
12. Go to Settings and make sure you check for new updates. Update device and then reboot. 
13. Install your sim card , reboot and test sim to make sure its working