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We provide over 15 years experience in the Mobile Encryption Global Markets. We strive to make our products the best in the industry. When you become a partner with Scholz you also gain access to dedicated support teams and world class products.   

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Purchase our MaxxSecure Sim with Data only and VPN service for your device. Reduce the risk of malware by using only secure applications and services. More info on pricing here  


CopperheadOS Partner 

The ultimate De-Googled mobile device using the Pixel Series and the latest up to date Android hardened OS. Fully customizable and programs such as Rebranding and On Premise solutions are available.



Customized device and OS with Password-protected chat, call, and email all built into one, encrypting both data in transit using peer to peer technology. A full 360 Deg device protection.More Info on our products

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Our team of partners have support dedicated to our channels.
For the Crypto PRO , Chat and Vault and Global Sim – 24/7 on SKYPE
For Crypto PIXEL, LITE, WORK and DIY – OS only – SLACK

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