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Malware Virus Scanning

Keep your site clean and secure.

At Scholz Mobility we take pride in knowing our customers websites are up and running. Today’s technology is very fast paced and we need to constantly protect ourselves from threats. Although not mandatory protecting your website is crucial to your business and its marketing platforms.

Take these steps in order to mitigate hacking but if someone finds just one loop-hole you will be subject to malware.

1. Login to your site at least once a week and make sure all pluggins and wordpress are updated
2. Remove all spam comments (if there are any)
3. Change the password to your FTP and website every 6 months
4. Make sure all your office computers are free from Malware and have scans installed on each system you own (Ask an IT professional)
5. Choose a spam protection software from the 2 we recommend below.

– Click for more information. We suggest you select the Professional Version. This can be purchased with the same account as your hosting that you have with us.
JETPACK – Click for more information. WordPress has come out with some Anti Virus software. Choose the Business – professional version.
– Important to always have the file scan and then removal tool – This is the hardest work.

For more questions please contact us and we will help.

Disclaimer: If you do not choose a product from the above to protect yourself you are 95% more likely to become infected and this becomes costly when it happens.