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Encryption explained: how apps and sites keep your private data safe (and why that’s important)

Can I send SMS messages from Secure Phone?

SMS services are inherently insecure and completely restricted on Secure Phone. The Secure Chat application provides a platform for the exchange of encrypted messages. This is only between Secure Chat , and does not work with other products in the market.

Can I make regular calls with Secure Phone?

Secure Phone with a Secure SIM card cannot make regular calls to mobile or landline networks. Mobile and terrestrial networks are inherently insecure. The built-in Secure Chat app uses end-to-end encryption to support voice and video calls. A third-party SIM with any mobile network provider will allow direct calls. This kind of communication is tapped and harvested routinely.

Can I access my contacts’ location?

The use of Location is restricted behind a permission in the Secure Administration System (SAS). Secure Phone does not allow you to access or share locations of different users.

Does a Sim card come with the Secure Phone ?

Yes ! We have a world wide sim card that will work for the lifetime of your activation plan. To see the coverage please go here :

Will Secure Chat work with other chat Applications ? Signal , Whats app ?

No the Secure Chat will only work with other Secure Chat Applications.

Can the user install apps himself, or is it done through the central console? Is there a list of supported apps? My question is simple: does he need a second phone to buy something online or call an Uber?

You cannot download other applications as this is a secure phone and restricts the usage of 3rd party apps. There is no Google Play store and as such you cannot download other applications. You would need another phone to use with 3rd party applications.

It appears the solution is typically VoIP based. What’s the codec rate? Would speech be usable in 2G, 3G scenarios?
Can the user have standard dialer to call non-secure lines?

Our Secure Voice works on 2g,3g,4g networks. There are no outgoing calls to the general public.

Will my regular email work with Secure Phone ? 

No our phones only work with PGP email and are encrypted , you can send email to a regular email but this is not secured. You cannot receive these emails back.

How to install Secure OS on selected hardware?