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HTC, Nexus, Samsung S4,5,6,7 and BB 0S7

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Robust, private and secure email

Shielded by PGP, the app provides AES‐256 end‐to‐end encryption with 4096‐bit keys, along with data compression and hashing. Secure Email is not only robust, private, and secure, but also simple and compatible with other PGP‐protected emails!

  • End-to-end PGP encryption
  • Complex validation algorithms
  • Remote wipe capabilities

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Instant messaging you can trust

Secure Chat relies on the robust OTR (Off‐The‐Record) protocol to ensure the highest level of encryption for instant messaging. It supports encrypted file and image sharing and has other great features, like Push to Talk (voice clip) and user verification.

    • OTR encryption
    • Encrypted file sharing
    • Push to Talk

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Encrypted voice communication

Secure Voice utilizes ZRTP – a peer‐to‐peer call encryption technology that provides protection from man‐in‐the‐middle attacks. It enables you to verify that your contacts are who they claim to be and confirm that the line is secure.

    • ZRTP encryption
    • Encrypted conference calls
    • Encrypted video calls

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