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Our White Glove Service for your business !
Once you purchase we will contact you to set up your devices and ship to your door.
Unlimited app download via Aurora Store + Add our Crypto Chat and Vaults
We set your device up for you.
Sim cards are data only with incoming text for setting up Signal and Telegram
Chrome Dark available and ability to use as a daily driver

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Devices Supported: Here

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PROTECTION FROM ZERO-DAYS Prevents many vulnerabilities and makes exploits harder. HARDENED C STANDARD LIBRARY AND COMPILER TOOLCHAIN Catches memory corruption and integer overflows. HARDENED KERNEL Kernel self-protection and high quality ASLR. STRONGER SANDBOXING AND ISOLATION FOR APPS & SERVICES Stricter SELinux policies, seccomp-bpf and more BACK PORTED SECURITY FEATURES AND QUICKER PATCHING Benefiting from upstream changes long before stock FIREWALL & NETWORK HARDENING Along with improvements like MAC randomization OPEN-SOURCE AND FREE OF PROPRIETARY SERVICES Uses alternatives to Google apps/services like F-Droid SECURITY-CENTRIC USER EXPERIENCE CHANGES Better defaults, finer-grained permission control

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Pixel 4, Pixel 4XL


Copperhead OS + 6 Months, CopperheadOS + 12 Months

Crypto Chat & Vault

12 Months Chat and Vault, 6 Months Chat and Vault


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