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Our White Glove Service for your business !
Once you purchase we will contact you to set up your devices and ship to your door.
Unlimited app download via Aurora Store + Add our Crypto Chat and Vaults
Sim cards are data only with incoming text for setting up Signal and Telegram
Chrome Dark available and ability to use as a daily driver

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PROTECTION FROM ZERO-DAYS Prevents many vulnerabilities and makes exploits harder. HARDENED C STANDARD LIBRARY AND COMPILER TOOLCHAIN Catches memory corruption and integer overflows. HARDENED KERNEL Kernel self-protection and high quality ASLR. STRONGER SANDBOXING AND ISOLATION FOR APPS & SERVICES Stricter SELinux policies, seccomp-bpf and more BACK PORTED SECURITY FEATURES AND QUICKER PATCHING Benefiting from upstream changes long before stock FIREWALL & NETWORK HARDENING Along with improvements like MAC randomization OPEN-SOURCE AND FREE OF PROPRIETARY SERVICES Uses alternatives to Google apps/services like F-Droid SECURITY-CENTRIC USER EXPERIENCE CHANGES Better defaults, finer-grained permission control

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BYOD – I will ship you my device (Factory Unlocked), Pixel 4, Pixel 4A, Pixel 4XL


Copperhead OS + 6 Months, CopperheadOS + 12 Months

Crypto Chat & Vault

12 Months Chat and Vault, 3 Months Chat and Vault, 6 Months Chat and Vault


10 GIG – 6 Months, 10 GIG- 12 Months, 3 GIG- 12 Months, 3 GIG- 6 Months, 5 GIG- 12 Months, 5 GIG- 6 Months


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