What apps will work with CopperheadOS ?

A. CopperheadOS is fully Android compatible, so most Android Apps will work. Apps that heavily rely on Google services have diminished compatibility since we do not have a google play store.

Am I able to load this operating system onto any telephone of my choice?

A. You can only install CopperheadOS on the supported devices listed on our website. We believe that the Pixel phones are the most secure on the market. Not all hardware will allow you to flash a new OS, we do not support iOS.

What if someone buys the phone + OS and doesn’t buy the security updates, does that just mean the device is only safe for a limited time or is it a case.

A. With the new portal each phone will be registered and will come with the latest CopperHeadOS. This will include 3 months of free updates.

Does the Phone with the OS come with the most up to date security features once purchased ?that the device won’t work without these security updates?

A. When a new update comes available the customer will have a choice to pay for the subscription service and receive the updates, or decine and not receive updates. You will still be able to use the device but it will not have the latest updates and security patches. 

What is required to flash the phone, is it techy or quite straight forward ?

A. We will provide you with training on how to flash your Pixel device with the latest CopperheadOS. You need a laptop and some computer knowledge. We are developing a new flash program that will be ready in the next few months to make the process even easier. 

Can the OS be used on any tablets at the moment ?  

A. CopperheadOS is currently only available on Pixel devices and we are working to keep up with the latest devices. We do not currently have a plan for tablets but we can dedicate resources to this , for orders of 5000 unit or more. This would be a customized solution. Tables are very low in security and we have not found an android version that would meet our security requirements. However it can be done.

Is the Copperhead Operating System Integrated with the Titan M chip in the Google Pixel 3?

A. Yes CopperheadOS is integrated with the Titan chip , and the reason we have chosen the Pixel as it is the most secure device on the market. 

The telephones that you offer with copperhead preloaded, being the pixel series, do they have a Hardware on and off switch that controls both the microphone and the cameras?

A. This type of service would be a customization and would require additional funds to design. Please contact our sales for a quote.