CopperheadOS vs GrapheneOS

“Using a business to manage your security is as important to your organization as the security itself.”

Below is a comparison chart between the privacy company Copperhead and GrapheneOS comparing organizational capabilities.


CopperheadOS GrapheneOS
Customer service telephone number YES NO
Registered Bank Account YES NO
Registered Business YES NO
Business Insurance YES NO
Full time developer team YES NO
Full time Employees YES NO
Partner Agreements YES NO
Easy-to-use graphic device flasher YES NO
Fully ISO compliant YES NO
Dedicated Account manager for business YES NO
Guaranteed updates YES NO
Supports Fortune500 companies and NGOs YES NO
Support network of partners YES NO
Official government and NATO vendor YES NO
Online billing portal YES NO
EMM/MDM Integration available YES NO
Global Sim cards YES NO
Hardware fullfillment YES NO
24/7 Support YES NO
MSRP enforcement to prevent lowballing YES NO
5+ years in operation YES NO
Copyrighted code to prevent license infringement YES NO
Fully redundant backup plans for product signing keys YES ?
Free download bypassing resellers NO YES



Frequently Asked Questions

Are there risks associated with using GrapheneOS commercially or selling it?

GrapheneOS is currently infringing on copyrights and distributing Copperhead related code against licensing terms. CopperheadOS has existed since 2016 and is owned by Copperhead. CopperheadOS has various quality control measure in place such as the non-commercial clauses on licensing. Companies using or selling CopperheadOS (or projects using CopperheadOS code) must have a licensing arrangement with Copperhead. Review our licensing terms here: 
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