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As most of you have seen on the news that 1 bitcoin is valued at over $40,000 CDN dollars and rising ! I’ve been using bitcoin as a way of doing transfers and payments for my business for over a year now. At first I didn’t know much about it , and frankly was a bit scared to buy any. Our Secure Mobile customers were asking to pay with bitcoin and one day I signed up for an account. My first transaction was flawless and quick , and when i took the money out I was only charged a small fee for the transaction that ended up in my bank account within the hour. Then I noticed something really amazing , the longer i left the money in the account the more it was worth the next few days, weeks and months.

In December I transacted some bitcoin for sales from Europe and left the funds in the account. What happened in the next few weeks was amazing. My money more than doubled ! YES thats right my funds doubled over a 30 days period. The value of bitcoin went from 40k to over 50k in value for 1 bitcoin !

You don’t have to buy 1 full bitcoin , you can start for as little as $250. You deposit funds using your Canadian bank account and then purchase your bitcoins. You can buy .00001 of a bitcoin and our system will tell you the amount the bitcoin is worth at the time of purchase. Bitcoin doesn’t fluctuate every-time the stock market opens , it will fluctuate every hour ! Bitcoin is volatile and will go up some days and come down some days , so don’t be alarmed when it goes down, as it will go back up.

In todays market bitcoin will only go up as more people go cashless, and want more security in their trading. Bitcoin is very secure , in fact more secure than any bank or cash system that is in place today. Each transaction has a code, and that code is part of your “Wallet”. When you share your wallet code with another person , you can then transact bitcoin with one another. The transaction is encrypted and then within 20-30 mins you will have your bitcoin deposited.

Once you have bitcoin in your account you can keep it there and watch the value go up and go down , and either sell bitcoin and cash out , or use bitcoin to do transactions with others.

I can’t tell you how excited I am to share this new currency with you, as we have had such great success over the past year. Bitcoin will only grow in value and COVID has accelerated this as well as the new generations are looking for alternatives. It’s not just an underground concept anymore.

Sign up today , and with your fist $250 CDN deposit we will give you a $20 CDN credit on your account. (Make sure to register before you download the app) And then you can watch your account and start to understand how the market moves each day. From there you can decide how much you want to invest, or you might want to start offering payments to your customers and friends to help fund your wallet.

If you have questions or would like us to show you how to manage your first trade please feel free to book me personally here.

Good luck and I wish you a successful 2021 !

Maxx Scholz